Joint pain can be caused by many things, including the overuse and daily stress, poor blood circulation, and the wrong positioning of the body. Joint issues can come with age, as we tend to lose muscle mass as we age. Instead of muscles absorbing impact, the joints get it, which causes joint damage and cartilage erosion.

Women can start to show signs of joint pain because of aging after 50, while men can see it before 45. Over time, connective tissue and cartilage–the cushioning between joints—can thin down over time. The less connective tissue and cartilage there is, the more bones grind against each other, which causes osteoarthritis.

Preventative Measures

Taking preventative measures early will help to protect your joints and stave off joint pain later in life. You can’t bring back what you’ve lost, but there are things you can do to prevent or control the onset of joint pain.

Exercise and Diet

Inactivity causes joints to become stiff, which can make the most common movements painful. Doing physical activity will help to keep your joints moving and agile. You can even do low-impact exercises, which include walking, swimming, and biking. Another great exercise that will help build your muscles that support your joints is lifting. However, you do need to be careful to start with a few repetitions at a lighter weight until you build stamina.

Exercise and eating the right foods can also help you maintain a healthy weight. The less you weigh the less pressure on your joints, especially your lower back and knees. Putting more weight on them can also cause inflammation.

There are a lot of foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Leafy greens and berries are good natural choices that help keep joint pain at bay. Pay attention to what you eat, as a healthy diet can help you lose weight.

Proper Posture

Your joints are at risk when your posture is bad, for instance, slouching while standing or sitting will put pressure on your joints in the wrong places. When this is done daily and over a long period of time, it can really do joint damage. It can be hard to keep your spine straight tall the time, but you can start by keeping it straight for a few minutes before relaxing.

You also want to be careful with lifting heavy objects with your back instead of your legs. Make sure you stretch your muscles before doing heavy lifting and make sure you don’t strain yourself.

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol and sugary drinks can dehydrate you, which hurt your joints. Have plenty of water to stay hydrated. Make sure to keep hydrated when you’re out, and drink extra when you are exercising so you can replenish what you lose. Your body pulls water from cartilage and other areas if you are not hydrated enough.

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