Posture is the position of your body while you are sitting, standing, or lying down. Good posture has many health benefits, also helping to avoid back pain injuries. Posture is important because it can help to maintain the correct alignment of bones and joints in our bodies. It prevents muscle strain, pain, and overuse. It decreases abnormal joint wear, conserves energy, and reduces stress on ligaments.

Poor posture can affect a lot of things, such as your mood, cardiovascular health, impaired circulation and improper blood flow, body pain, back pain, digestion, and more. Common factors that link to poor posture are abnormally tight muscles, weak postural muscles, pregnancy, stress, obesity, and even high-heeled shoes.

Your joints are at risk when your posture is bad, for instance, slouching while standing or sitting will put pressure on your joints in the wrong places. When this is done daily and over a long period of time, it can really do joint damage. It can be hard to keep your spine straight tall the time, but you can start by keeping it straight for a few minutes before relaxing.

How to Tell if You Have Poor Posture
While there are several indicators of poor posture, more common ones include rounded shoulders, hunched shoulders, forward head carriage, rounded upper back, and arched lower back. Back pain is another indicator of poor posture. If you’re unsure about your posture, your chiropractor can help you with a spinal examination.

How Do You Maintain Proper Posture?
Bring your attention to your posture when you sit, stand, or lay down. When you’re sitting, your feet should both be on the floor or on a footrest. Don’t cross your legs and use your low-back for support. When you are standing, your knees should be slightly bent. Make sure to relax your arms and pull your shoulders back. When you are lying down, the right pillow and mattress matters. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?
Chiropractic care can help many postural problems, such as scoliosis, forward head posture, uneven hips or pelvis, hunchback, and damage to the normal curvature of the spine. Chiropractors can also give you some helpful suggestions that can help you to strengthen and improve your posture, such as exercises.

Chiropractors will check for imbalances in your posture, such as a tilted pelvis or a shoulder that might be higher than the other. These imbalances can mean a serious impact on the body’s central nervous system over time. When these imbalances are corrected, it encourages your body to work more optimally. When joint restrictions are removed, you can work on improving your posture and overall health. To help, keep up your chiropractic treatments, watch your nutrition, and make sure to exercise.

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