It can be a little nerve wracking visiting any new healthcare provider for the first time. Chiropractors know new patients may need time to discuss any questions or concerns. Knowing what to expect from your first visit is an effective way to be involved in your own healthcare. You will be asked what problems you have been encountering and about the nature of your pain. The goal of your first visit is to have an examination and reach a diagnosis.

How long will it take?
The duration of a visit will depend on what you are being treated for. Initial visits can last from 45 minutes to an hour. New patient forms can be filled out prior to your visit to speed up the process, or these can be filled out in the office. Your first visit starts the building of your therapeutic relationship. The cause of the problem is discussed to identify it, and a proposed plan for the management of your condition is discussed. Be sure to communicate your needs and goals.

The examination may include tests such as an X-ray in order to evaluate our health status. When you are diagnosed, your chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan. This will include how many treatments you need and what other procedures to expect. You may receive treatment on the same day, depending on your pain and the severity. Otherwise, adjustments and treatments may be scheduled for another time.

While it can take time to build a therapeutic relationship with a new practioner, investing in good communication can help you to maximize the benefit of your treatment. Your chiropractor will address your questions and concerns. They can also go over your different options, which can include preventative strategies and changes in lifestyle practices.

Your first appointment includes an assessment to help determine what the cause of the problem is and how to treat it. During the initial visit, your chiropractor may go through a diagnostic process, which can be different from person to person. The history-taking portion of the visit typically includes questions such as:

  • Personal and family medical history
  • A description of your area(s) of concern
  • Surgeries or operations you have had
  • Your work routine
  • Your diet and exercise
  • Your daily activities
  • Your sleeping habits
  • Your stress level

Will it Hurt?
Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure with techniques that emphasize minimal force and gentle pressure. This rarely causes discomfort. Many patients may hear a popping sound during their adjustment, which is heard as your joints are releasing tiny pockets of gas, which is completely normal. After your visit it is possible you may feel slight discomfort or fatigue. This should resolve quickly.

Be a Partner in Your Treatment
Your chiropractor will talk you through adjustments and explain the process. As you are being adjusted, try to relax, as it allows your chiropractor freedom to make the adjustments. Many patients find relief when normal flexibility is returned to the affected vertebrae, so it pays to stay relaxed.

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact the office or write them down to ask at your next visit. Ready to schedule your first visit? Give Cross Valley Chiropractic a call at (570) 822-4848.

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